Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits To Being A Member?

First and foremost, your membership helps provide the funding we need to promote these remarkable ponies and accomplish our mission to increase Kerry Bog numbers beyond the "endangered" status.

Members also receive a number of benefits such as reduced fees for registering a Kerry Bog pony, free advertising costs, support for showing and breeding, and specials for promotional items such as mugs, T-shirts, stickers, etc.




Tipperary Kiss Me Kate


Are You A Non-Profit?

We are NOT a non-profit organization at this time.

Because we are an international society functioning in multiple countries, it is much too expensive and complicated to acquire non-profit status. In the future, we might consider converting over, but as of now we are not a non-profit entity, and any memberships and donations are not tax deductible. However, we behave like a non profit. Our board members do not receive any monetary compensation and 100% of profits after cost go toward promoting the ponies.


If These Ponies Are Rare and Critically Endangered, Does That Mean They're Very Expensive?

Not in our general opinion. Though of course like anything in life, what constitutes "expensive" varies from one person to the next.

Currently, the price of a Kerry Bog Pony, like any breed, varies with a number of factors such as the sex, age, bloodlines/genetics, conformation, training and the country where the pony resides. A little over a decade ago, there were few Kerry Bogs and they were mostly found in Ireland with only a few available in the USA. A pony at that time could sell for as much as £20,000.00  (roughly $25,000.00 USD).

Since then, the economy has changed, with many horse breeds experiencing a reduction in value. The Kerry Bog Pony is no exception. In the last couple of years, the demand for a pony- regardless of breed- has decreased and it has become a "buyer's market". Some people have been willing to sell a Kerry Bog for as little as £200.00 (roughly $300.00 US dollars), while some ponies have sold for around £2,000.00 (roughly $3,000.00 USD)... or more. Of course, there are exceptions to these ranges, again depending upon the pony's genetics, conformation, training, etc… Of course, we are hopeful that this current economic trend changes and their value increases again. In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a Kerry Bog owner, now is a great time to get a pony for less than they were selling a decade ago!

One note of caution:  BEWARE the unregistered pony!!  There have been stories of unscrupulous sellers claiming to sell a pure bred Kerry Bog Pony, but it does not have valid registration papers/passport. For Americans, the concept of a passport is a foreign process and a registration paper with a valid society is the normal procedure. For those in the UK and Europe, a validating passport is the normal process with registration being the foreign concept. Regardless of country, ALL valid means of providing a Kerry Bog Pony with proper identification involves DNA typing to insure the pony in question is truly a pure bred Kerry Bog Pony. Make sure any pony you are considering for purchase has valid paperwork. If there is ANY question or concern about the validating paperwork, contact that society or association for assistance. If you are uncertain of the agency, feel free to contact us. We, at the IKBPA, will be happy to help you find the information and validation you need.


I Have A Pony Already Registered With Another Society. Must I Go Through DNA Testing Again?

No. We honor registration and DNA verification from other registries to make dual registration easy.

However, we recommend owners provide us DNA samples for our registry if in the event that your Kerry Bog colt/stallion or mare becomes a breeding pony someday. That way, if the owner of the resulting foal wants parent verification, the parents are on file with our Genetics Laboratory to make the process simpler and easier. (This option is obviously not a concern for a gelding.)

You don't even need to have a veterinarian provide the sample, as the pony has already been DNA typed, making any concerns for a fruadulent registration attempt highly unlikely, since there is verifiable data already in existance for the pony should it ever be called into question. Since laboratories are prohibited from sharing such data with each other (without a highly time consuming legal paperwork transfer process and greater expense), we simply need to provide a sample for our lab to have on file. Much like having fingerprints on file, once they have been established for someone, providing a set to another organization is merely a matter of having a direct copy on file for in house use to avoid complicated, lengthy and often expensive requests for them from another agency.

*In short, the owner can collect hairs from your pony if its already registered elsewhere. Foals or ponies that haven't been registered with any society on the other hand need a licensed veterinarian to provide a "chain of evidence" to the uninspected pony.

Bog Blossom is dual registered with the
Irish, US, & International registries


Can I Register A Half Breed?

Due to their numbers being minimal, consequently, there are going to be some ponies that are "half breeds". Because the Kerry Bog Pony is a critically endangered breed, we naturally wouldn't want to reject any genetic diversity. If the DNA comes back from your foal or pony as a "half Kerry Bog", you will receive a "Green Pedigree" that signifies that said pony is at least 25% to 90% Kerry Bog Pony.

**Because their numbers are rare and with their rising fame, it is important that when purchasing a Kerry Bog Pony to practice Caveat Emptor ("Buyer Beware"). Just because they say is a Kerry Bog, doesn't always mean it truly is one! Always ask the seller for paperwork for the pony, and make certain that paperwork matches the pony in question and it is the actual pony of the corresponding verifiying DNA results, or ask to have your vet clip hairs and test the pony for your own peace of mind before making a purchase decision, especially if you intend to become a breeder! Any pony without proper DNA verified registration is highly questionable, no matter how much the seller may insist it is a Kerry Bog Pony ... "they just haven't bothered to register it, for (whatever reason)." **

We are here to help! So, we will be happy to assist with record verification , DNA verification, etc... for anyone considering purchase of a Kerry Bog Pony.


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